About Us

About the Keeping Room

The Keeping Room Building was constructed in 1870, 16 years after Nebraska City was founded. It has been a number of things over the last 148 years, including a grocery store, shoe store, dentist office, lawyer office and for over 30 plus years, Gamble’s.

The building was renovated and the Keeping Room began over 12 years ago. It has been a go-to place for Nebraska City citizens for gifts, fashion and home decor. Fortunately, it is also a destination for many tourists, who enjoy our community throughout the seasons and enjoy a quaint boutique and cafe within a historic downtown.


Bryan and Kelly

We moved to Nebraska City after Bryan retired from 26 years in the Army. I have been in education, administration and a stay-at-home mom of three great kids. We lived in Europe and many places in the United States. We enjoyed exploring nature and history everywhere. I love The Keeping Room because it encompasses my favorite things; gardening, homemade food, antiques, unique treasures and people. It has been a blessing to build relationships with our staff, local customers and the tourists over the years.

Our Team

Jackie has lived in southeast Nebraska for her entire life and knows almost everyone in southeast Nebraska. Everyone loves her. Stop in and meet her and you will know why.
Connie just recently retired from Peru State College after 41 years and we have been holding a position for her since we opened.

Cindy has been working at The Keeping Room since the first month and we are very fortunate to have her eye for style, helpful spirit and kind heart on our team this whole time.

Deb is a wonderful baker and chef. She makes homemade noodles for our chicken noodle soup and our cheesecake is her recipe! She is way over-qualified for her job so we’re super lucky she likes us!

Our Farmers

Meriwether Pointe Farms
Robin keeps busy with 7 children, a farm full of animals and delivering eggs and herbs to us. She is also a very talented guest chef.
Wild Acre Farms
Hollie provides many spring vegetables due to above and beyond diligence for planting early seeds. She also provides farm fresh eggs. She is also a talented artist who supplies most of our greeting cards.

Ab-be Farms
Beth grew up on her small farm. She raises chickens and quail for eggs and meat, as well as pullets for those who would like to have their own egg-laying chickens. She feeds non-GMO feed from a fellow small Nebraska farm.

Tynon Farms
Mike’s garden produces most of the asparagus we serve and a lot of the tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and spinach. He has been farming his entire life and enjoys help from his wonderful children.

Kevin & Sandy
Kevin and Sandy have participated in Nebraska City’s local farmer’s market for years. They supply many of our green beans, tomatoes and potatoes. Sandy also sells delicious bread at the Farmer’s market.